Day 8: A Tokyo Pub at Ikebukuro and a Quick Visit to Shinjuku

This day is going to look very short… only because somehow my camera turned back on in the middle of the day and it ran out of batteries! :'(


I stopped by at this traditional Japanese pub in Ikebukuro (Northwestern part of Tokyo) and scarfed down a delicious breakfast/lunch.


Talk about a well balanced lunch/breakfast: rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables, pan fried chicken and vegetables with sauce, iced green tea, and a tall glass of Asahi. 🙂


That day I went to Shinjuku where I had to buy some souvenirs (omiage o kawana-kereba-naranai-desu!) and do some sight-seeing.


A lot of the women in Japan had a very high sense of fashion… never settling for the typical “jeans and a shirt” trend.


So many places, so little time!


Not only were there places for guys to pay by the hour to be flattered by women… but women can also pay by the hour to have “Glitter” guys flirt with them lol.

At this point I somehow left my camera on and the battery died for the rest of the day.  But to summarize- I did lots and lots of sight-seeing in Shinjuku and picked up some souvenirs along the way. ^_^

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