Day 7: Tsukiji Sushi Sen and Tokyo Tower


On my way to the Shinkansen station in Kyoto, I met a nice guy who lived in Kyoto.  We talked a lot about the old temples and where I have gone so far.  He was very surprised that I covered so much of Japan in such short time… I guess I surprised myself too, haha.  He even gave me advice with the Kyoto subway lines on taking the best routes and which car in the train will drop you off at the closest exit.  To make a long story short- he was a clear example that people in Japan are actually quite friendly and helpful! ^__^


On the way back I caught a glimpse of a cool and futuristic looking building.


And so I arrive at my final hotel… which is an actual hotel and not a hostel, lol.  This is my room, doesn’t it look very spacious? 😛  Despite what many may think, the tatami mat and the floor bed was actually VERY comfortable to sleep in- I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t stayed at a traditional style room to try it out for themselves.


My first stop after coming back to Tokyo was Tsukiji (Southeast part of Tokyo).  This area is home to Japan’s largest wholesale fish market.  And with a wholesale fish market… comes lots of different sushi restaurants to choose from!


From big billboards showing off master sushi chef’s fine cutting, to giant Swordfish displays above restaurants… Tsukiji is undoubtedly a must-see for fish lovers.


And the best part is that the good sushi that Tsukiji has to offer doesn’t come with an outragious price!  Take out the zeros and that’s about how much in USD these delicious looking works of sushi will cost you (eg: the 1,200 yen platter is about $12 USD)


I became very picky in choosing my Tsukiji sushi place, but in the end I chose Tsukiji Sushi Sen, and looking back at my decision… I have no regrets!


Meet Nawata, my sushi chef for the night.  Nawata is holding a fat block of Toro Sashimi… the creme de la creme of Sashimi… each thinly sliced piece of Toro sashimi will cost you anpit $5 USD in Japan… so you can only imagine how much $ that brick of Toro deliciousness will cost you! 😀  I told Nawata to just keep serving me with whatever he wished to impress me with… and here’s what I ended up having:


A nice thick piece of Tuna Sashimi


Shell fish


A beautifully cut piece of another type of shell fish


Red snapper sashimi


A hearty, thick, and sweet piece of Unagi (eel)


Despite how young he looked, Nawata has been a Sashimi chef for 20 years… this piece of Sashimi reflects that he is indeed an experienced chef. 🙂


It should be considered illegal to go to a Sushi joint in Japan and not try their Toro Sashimi.. melted in my mouth. 😀


This may offend some people, but I’m not going to lie… this is Whale Sashimi… and whale is quite delicious, lol.


Nawata is preparing something even more controversial…


Horse Sashimi!  And again… not going to lie.. it was good. 😛


Lightly seared Toro Sashimi with a touch of Wasabi on top


And what better way to end the meal than with a fresh and hot cup of green tea! 🙂


With my belly full of fish, whale, and horse- it was time to check out Tokyo Tower.  Tokyo tower was amazing… in fact it was so amazing that I consider it a much cooler place to see than Paris, France’s Eiffel Tower!  You’ll see why soon…


So beautiful…



It cost me 800 yen (~$8 USD) to go inside and take the elevator to the top, but it was worth the ticket price:


In my entire life I have never seen an amazing city lights view such as this.



You can even see the view from underneath your feet!


Almost every day I’d be carrying around my back pack… you can tell in this shot with the sweat marks on my shoulders. 😛


As if the view didn’t make Tokyo Tower a romantic enough place to go to… they even had a live band playing old beetles songs to set the mood.




So yeah, if any of you couples plan on going to Japan together- definitely be sure to visit Tokyo Tower, it will be a moment to remember… and a lonely moment for me who went up there by myself! :'(

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