The Final Day.. Day 10: Farewell Japan…… :'( d_d

My last day in Japan… I was awfully sad this day… I felt like my trip was too short… but I promised myself that I would return some day (Zettai Kairimas!)….perhaps next year!


I decided to spend my last day at the market just north of Ueno (northeast part of Tokyo)… where there were plenty of places to check out and buy some last-second souvenirs for friends and family.


A lively place in Tokyo as usual!


A market selling fresh fish


Complete with your typical old dude who is sleepy and has a cigarette in his hand… hope those ashes don’t fall on the salmon!


Fresh crab


There was no way I would allow myself to not spend my last day in Japan eating some yummy Takoyaki!



They had this amazing frappuccino at the Starbucks in japan that also had coffee jello on the bottom… this stuff became pretty addicting with the hot weather.


Pachinko mascots for the win!!!


Takoyaki wasn’t the only thing the street vendors had to offer





LOL the guy in the pink shirt totally looks like David… (to those who know him)


Fruit in Japan is very expensive.. but with a high price comes high quality.



My last and final stop in Japan before heading back to California was McDonalds… yes yes I know, you’re probably thinking “WHY MCDONALDS!?”… I was curious how the Japanese McDonalds compares to the ones in the U.S!


The quality was only a little better…


BUT THE SERVICE WAS DEFINITELY A LOT BETTER!!!!   I mean… where the hell else will you get to meet Japanese Ronald McDonald!? 😀 😀 😀


The Keisei line ride back to Narita airport was so sad… :'(


On a side note- do not settle for any airline other than Singapore Airlines!  Truly the best airline for traveling to Asia.


And so, this ends my trip to Japan.  I will never forget this trip, and hope this narration will convince anyone who has not gone yet to hop on the next plane and see why I came back from my trip enlightened by the experience, and 7 pounds lighter from all that sight-seeing!

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Sore Jya… Matta Itsuka!

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